KOTH at Hawk Pride August 28th-29th

KOTH August 28th-29th: see updated flier on the 2gmx.com web site. Please note from Jackson TN. it’ just a little over 2 hours in the northwest corner of the state of Al…… 1 hour east of Corinth MS. Awesome track and facility. Please look for all updates and posts on the 2gmx.com site. Also please visit the KOTH Website for the 2011 rules. You will be able to answer a lot of questions by visiting it. We encourage everyone to see the rules for 2011 so they are fully aware of this years series rules and some changes that were made from 2010. We also encourage the quad riders to come out as we’ve added 3 classes this year for them, as we did hear and recognize their requests from last year, so we look forward to seeing you quads out there too. This is an awesome great outdoors style motocross track, as you will love it.

Saturday before practice (riders meeting). New this year for safety, as well as first lap site laps, no jumping and must roll everything on first practice lap for Sat. and Sunday practices. In the 2011 rules sections. FOR SAFETY…….

Like last year we will continue to hold Sat. after practice free training sessions for anyone wanting to come out after practice and attend. Remember this is for all ages and all size of bikes. This weekends training session will be on starts. Jake Lowry and Marvin Styser our 2011 KOTH Team Riders will be working together and working with everyone on starts. After practice an announcement will be made for this training session.

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