Welcome Southern Four Wheel Drive Association!

Hawk Pride welcomes the SFWDA this coming weekend!  We have 12 concrete pads for trailers/RVs and an eight room bath/shower building to wash the trail dust off.  Ice will be available and pizza/wings available from Malone’s General store about 2 miles from the park to the south.  Malone’s also has camping supplies and gasoline as well.  The park is less then 10 miles from Muscle Shoals/Florence so plenty of hotels and eating establishments.  Any questions call 256-577-1034.   Night riding allowed so if it gets too hot during the day take it easy and go out later!

Memorial Day Weekend

We will be opening up Friday 5/27 for our 3rd Annual Memorial Day Ride.  Park open Friday afternoon, Saturday, Sunday, Monday until noon.  The front gates will close at 9 pm each night so make your night life plans accordingly!  This year we will have mud racing on Saturday (area North of MX track), some big screen video and offroad accessory giveaways.  Concessions will be limited however we will have ice and drinks.  Malone’s General store has pizzas and wings (ready in 15 minutes).  Plenty of primitive camp spaces and 12 concrete pads for trailers/RVs.  Bathouse with lots of hot water and private showers.  Got a rig wash off area so you don’t have to be run off from the car wash on your way home.  Come on out and visit us at Hawk Pride this year!!

MX track closed during this weekend.

Motocross Race This Weekend

Looking forward to some great racing this weekend!  Weather is looking good and track updates completed.  Start is now straight across the track eliminating the hard right turn from previous races.  Several more jumps constructed making this track even more exciting.  Camping open Friday night with practice Saturday and race Sunday.  Click on the motocross section to see weekend schedule.  Hopefully weather will be kinder to us than last time!!

Concessions NOT available this weekend so please bring food and drink.  Malone’s General Store (2 miles from the park) has pizzas and wings that can be ready in 15 minutes!

Thanks to Twisted Jeeps!!

Had a good time with the folks from Twisted Saturday cutting out a new trail!  This trail Starts on the gravel road heading to the shop on Penny Lap and winds along the bluffs east and north.  Intent for this trail is a mild level 3 (stock Rubicon can handle) but when Twisted gets involved the optional obstacles you can take on this trail are definitely out of control.  They have this trail weaving through some big rock formations and I can’t wait to hit this trail myself.  Total trail length will hit a mile so definitely a great addition!

Run What U Brung $1,000 Hill Climb March 19

Yep, it’s coming back!  $1,000 hill climb, fastest to the top wins the cash.  We are cutting new trails and are working on another spot for a hill climb, this time no stumps to mess with.  Same rules as last time: 3 attempts, 10 minutes per attempt.

Can’t pull cable.  Must have cage, helmet, harnesses to enter.

$25 gets you into the park and entered in the climb.

Climbing starts at 10:00 am

Registration ends at 9:30 am