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Hawk Pride Mountain Offroad Park is a 1000 acre stretch of land 5 miles off of Highway 72 in North Alabama. Hawk Pride is a privately owned off road park with something to offer everyone interested in off-roading. From mild to wild, and stockers to rockers, Hawk Pride has trails to accommodate anyone interested in off road driving. We also have a mud bogging area for anyone wanting to play in the mud!! We open mostly every other weekend (check our calendar for holiday rides). The gates open at 8:00 A.M. and close at 9:00 P.M.  Sundays gates close at 6:oo P.M. unless it’s a holiday weekend.

Our rock crawling areas are 100% natural rock formations!

90+ trails with plans to add over a dozen trails yearly.

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  • Children under 10 are FREE
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Postby 1badxj » Wed Oct 06, 2010 2:42 am

I spent 3 weekends here studying the park and most of it’s trails. Here’s my review!!!

All trails rated on a 1-5 scale

Level 1–Acceptable for any driver skill level and stock 4×4’s, passable in 2wd except in adverse weather conditions
Level 2–Passable by most high clearance 4×4’s with minimum 31″ tires recommended, 4wd lo-range required alot
Level 3–Vehicle modifications and high level driver experience and/or spotter recommended…..33″ tires and rear locker or winch at minimum (body damage possible)
Level 4–Extreme trails reserved only for the most well equipped rigs and drivers…..35″ tires, 2 lockers, and winch highly recommended (mechanical breakage possible, body damage likely)
Level 5–Hard core territory……only the craziest drivers with total disregard for breakage and body damage need apply
Consider a full roll cage, 38″ tires, lockers, winch, spare parts, a good spotter, a big roll of toilet paper, and extra set of underwear the minimum requirements

***Any trail receiving an additional 1/2 rating is just a little tougher than the basic ratings, but slightly easier than the next higher level***


#1–Level 2.5 with many optional lines through boulder field to increase difficulty

*****Trails 2-7, along with lower and upper middle trails (didn’t evaluate)*****

8&9(K5 Trail)-Level 3 on lower section…..upper is full of big rocks and rated 4-5 depending on what line you take

Brokefoot Trails–three basic sections, each increasing with difficulty as you progress. Has bypasses and exits at your option
Lower–Level 3 Middle–Level 4 Upper–Level 4.5-5 depending on line of attack… is hardest
Roland’s Ravine–Level 5
Unnamed trail on left, where lower and middle intersect, Rated 4.5 (gets nasty the farther towards the top you go)

Trails 11-17
hardcore ledge/bluff climbs rated 4-5

#21–Level 3.5 Has a bad rock pile mid ways through this short trail
#22–Level 2.5 small boulders with a few ledges thrown in between for fun

Trails 23-28 (hardcore ledge/bluff climbs all are rated 4-5)
#28-popular area known as the “Playground” has many optional boulders to drive on and test articulation

Lucky’s is a popular long-trail for all experience levels
Rated-3 (mostly rated level-2 with a few sections of level-3 rated rock obstacles in between)
Optional Loop is a 3-4 rated run for those looking for more thrills
Lucky’s extended–Rated 4-5, couple of options in how you start this trail makes it easier or harder……..beginning of level 5 section where Lucky’s ends can be bypassed
severe off-camber section along bluff with large boulders is unavoidable regardless of which end you start from and gives this trail it’s rating

Jester–Level 3.5, another long trail…..follows a dry wash with several large rock gardens, and off camber ravines

Hangover–Level 4, a long trail with lots of large rocks and ledges with a few severe off-camber sections that require utmost driver attention

Buck Pass–Level 2, steep hill with small ledges, exposed slab rock, and loose gravel

Apple–Level 2

Slick Hill–Level 1 except steep hill above shop where it’s rated a Level-2

Gobblers Ridge–Level 1 (easy and highly scenic!)

Charlies–Level 2 access road to hill climbs #23-#28, Lucky’s Extended, and top of Jester

Ditch–Level 4, man made technical rock garden thats fun to play on……less equipped rigs can drive all the way up till the last ledge (has spectator viewing area)

*****unmarked trails leading from shop to center pavilion, and behind the Ditch area need signs and most are rated Level 2-3*****

Maynards–Level 2, scenic trail with a few surprises in the form of rocks and small ledges to keep your attention on the trail

Sidewinder–Level 3.5, dry wash with rock gardens

Viper–Level 4.5

Gate Road–Level 2

Diamondback Trail (Series of rock crawler trails with varying difficulty, depending on how hard you want to push your rig)
Lower–Level 3 Middle–Level 4.5 Upper–Level 5 (actually suggest re-naming the upper portion as it’s so different and separated from lower trails)
Un-named trail to left about 25yds after Timber Rattler–Level 5 (less equipped rigs, don’t be deceived by apparent easy beginning section, stay right!!!)

Timber Rattler–Level 4, dry wash with lots of large boulders and a couple of big rock ledges

Mountainside–Level 1, main access road that by-passes the Big Hill to top of parking area

Ghost Rider–Level 5

Goose–Level 3.5, rock crawling among tight trees that leads up a dry wash

Maverick–Level 4, more rocks!!! Upper section has a bad washout that increases difficulty to Level 5 if bypass is not taken

Bluff Trail–Level 2, fun trail through the woods with a few rocks……..accesses a couple rock bluff climbs

Slider–Level 5

Why Not!–Level 5

Top Side–Level 5

Maverick(bluff section)–Level 5

All main access roads within the park are rated Level 1-2, but can become extremely slicked over with mud when wet:

Powerline Rd
Big Hill/Fosters Way
John’s Way
Abbies Trail
Cane Creek Rd
Lower, Middle, and Upper Access Roads
Riner’s Run

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