Hawk Pride Hill Climb

[vimeo width=”629″ height=”354″]http://www.vimeo.com/18174206[/vimeo]

Thanks to all who came out for  Saturday’s climb.  These drivers put on an incredible show and broke a whole bunch of parts!

Wes Kean took home the honors and a thousand bucks.  Not only was he the only driver to conquer the hill but let it all hang out and rolled end over end on his victory lap.  Figure it will take the prize money to fix but one great vid!  Wes claimed the hill on his third attempt taking about 39 seconds to do it.  Good job and great driving.

Josh Rholing, Clay Parrish, Gary Smith, Henry Stanford, and Adam Adair put on a good show as well but the middle stump ultimately took it’s toll on the rigs.  Pretty much carnage on the hill but a good time had by all!!!!

Look for videos on HP forum.  Busted Knuckle was there and should have some spectacular footage.